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NOVEM 2015, the 5th conference in the series, is aimed at promoting scientific exchanges of specialists. The goal of the conference is to give an account of emerging technologies in selected areas considered to be major scientific challenges in the field of :

  • Structural vibration
  • Vibro-acoustics
  • Flow-induced noise & vibration
  • Noise and vibration control


Contributed papers should be devoted to essentials, leaving room for extended discussions. Submitted contributions will be selected by the NOVEM 2015 Peer Review Board.

Each day of the conference will focus on an emerging area within a 2-hours long Keynote Forum. Each Forum will enable several selected specialists to expose an up-to-date overview of the relevant area and outline its perspectives

The NOVEM 2015 keynote areas are:

    • advanced numerical approaches
    • meta-materials for sound and vibration applications
    • inverse experimental techniques


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